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Gemstones marked as OBO (Or Best Offer)

Want to know what we mean by OBO?  This page has you covered!

An item marked with 'OBO' means we are willing to accept an offer lower than the listed price.  For example, if you see an OBO item at $1,000 and would be willing to have it for $700, no worries!  Simply send us an email:  We will consider your offer and get back to you as quickly as we can.  Do not be afraid about giving an offer!  The worst we can say is no, it's better to just ask!

What items are listed as OBO?
Check the item's page.  If we are accepting offers on it, it will have an 'OBO' section in the description.  If you are unsure, feel free to email us.

Why are some items available for OBO and others are not?
A lot of things make up a great gemstone, but there are plenty of things that can make one fall short.  For example, a stone might have an oddly shaped cut.  These could be marked as OBO.

OBO versus non OBO

Other factors can include things like an excessive price for a larger, poor quality stone.  What the retail value 'should' be might be very different than what would be reasonable for a gemstone of significantly poorer quality, for which the only thing raising the price is the massive carat weight.


If you are interested in an OBO item, feel free to email us at with your offer.  Include the item# in your email so we know which one you're talking about.  Don't feel bad about offering a price you might think we will decline, the worst we can say is no thank you!