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About Benitoite Mining Company

Here at the Benitoite Mining Company, we focus on making rare gems and specimen available to the world to enjoy.  As the stewards of the only high quality gem and specimen benitoite mine, the company seeks offer a great experience for collectors of all types. Purchased in 2005 by the current owners.  The owners vision was to open the mine to collectors. Since it is probably the most famous gem location in the world, and is on everybody's list of "places to collect." In 2015, the mining camp was opened to make it easier on the public to enjoy hunting gems.  The owners have been growing the mining camp to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for the public. The company was called the California State Gem Mine, but in 2020 the company was transitioned to the Benitoite Mining Company.  The future is bright as the fire of benitoite!

If you have the opportunity, please join us.

Thank you and good collecting!