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Dig for Gems!

Come look for the gemstone

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Dig for Gems


Adult                                -   $140
Child (12 & Under)     -     $75

Hours of Operation

Open 9AM to 3PM on Saturdays by Reservation Only

- We are currently only accepting reservations for Saturdays.
- We are closed to the public on all other days.
- You can get Reservation Tickets HERE
If you have questions, call us at: (833) GEM-HUNT
Or email us at:
Dig for Gems

Rules of the Hunt

- Stay in the immediate area between the screening field and the parking lot.
- Do not go into buildings unless permission is granted.
- No rock hammers.
- No pets.
- For your admission fee, you can take home up to one quart sized bag of finds per person.  Don't worry!  It's more than it sounds.
- If you find something too large for you bag, we'll negotiate a price.  When we do that, we estimate the piece's value and start from there.
- Kids can play freely, please keep them close.
Dig for Gems

We Supply

- Screens, shovels, washing tables, and your quart sized bag.
- UV room to look through your material.
- Clear UV protective safety glasses and safety gloves.
- Personnel to demonstrate, assist, and identify your finds.

You Need to Supply

- Your lunches, drinks, and lawn chairs.
- Hats, sunblock, or a pop-up shade is recommended for summer, and warm gloves are recommended for winter.
- And an adventurous treasure hunting spirit!
Dig for Gems

Ready to dig for gems?

- Reservations can be made HERE

Destination and Directions?

- Directions can be found HERE

Have more questions?

- A FAQ can be found HERE