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Gem Investing


Gold and silver are not the only safe haven assets.  In fact in ancient times gemstones, together with gold and silver, were used as a form of money because of their universal value; today they are purchased to secure private capitals from the devaluation of money itself.

Who Can Invest in Gemstones?

It may seem like gemstones are only for those with deep pockets, however, anyone can actually invest in gemstones. For those who may have invested in property but have been discouraged by taxes or those who are looking for a long term investment: precious stones are in fact an asset that re-evaluates with time and that can be handed down from generation to generation without any cost.

How to get the most out of your gemstone investment?

  1. Learn everything you can- The better educated you are, the better choices you are likely to make.  Hire a gemologist, they can insure you are getting valuable gems at a good price.
  2. Buy from the right sources, Your best prices will come from primary dealers, those who mine and cut the stones themselves. Secondary dealers buy from other wholesalers (usually primary dealers) and resell them still below retail. You don’t have to restrict your searches just to cut gemstones. Rough gems, mineral specimens, and finished jewelry all hold investment potential.
  3. Possible ways to increase your gemstones value; With an investment of labor, a lapidary (gem cutter) can turn low-value rough into high-value finished gems. The trick here is to buy your rough at a price that allows enough markup to justify the labor. Again, you need to do your homework, but taking a stone from rough to cut is one of the most direct means of adding value to your gems. A good lapidary can even re-cut an already cut stone to improve its appearance. Set your stones; it frequently takes less labor than gem cutting. Finished gemstone jewelry has a larger market than loose gems, so that will give you an advantage when you want to sell your investments.
  4. Store your gems properly. You have made the monetary investment into your gems. The last thing you want to do is decrease their value due to improper storage. The best way to store them is to put each gem into an individual compartment, preferably in a box with a soft-liner. If the box does not come with a soft lining, you can always get the materials to line it yourself. It is important to remember that some stones are harder than others. When they are all stored together, the harder ones can scratch the softer ones, damaging your investment. See our care and maintenance page for further information.
  5. Be patient- Getting the best return on your investment may take some time — years, even. Try to hold onto them as long as you can.

 Investing in Benitoite

Here at the Benitoite Mining Company, we are a primary dealer and can work with you to create an investment package, no mater if you are a retail investor or a commercial investment group.  We can build a package to fit your investment goals.

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