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COVID UPDATE: All customers must bring their own masks.
COVID UPDATE: All customers must bring their own masks.

Care and Maintenance for your Benitoite

Benitoite has a hardness of Mohs 6-6.5, this is softer than Diamonds or Emeralds, but harder than Opals.


Jewelry with Benitoite should be cleaned with warm soapy water, a soft brush or cloth. Rinse off dust/debris before wiping to avoid scratching.

Ultra sonic cleaners are risky, and steam cleaners should be avoided.


Put jewelry on after you have applied lotions or cosmetics rather than before to avoid excess chemical contact with the stone. Remove jewelry if doing anything physically active with your hands that may cause you to drop or bang it into things as this may cause fracturing.


Jewelry should be kept in fabric lined box or pouch away from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Avoid exposure to extreme heat, extreme temperature changes, or chemicals.

Specimens should be kept in a display box or case to reduce dust collection.